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New Collab: Saipo X EcoNestPH

by Isabella Madamba on August 15, 2020

Ever since Saipo’s inception in late 2018, we designated “environment-friendly” as one of our brand values.

To us, this was more than just a lofty goal to aim for. As avid skincare enthusiasts, we were hyper-aware of how much unnecessary packaging was – and still is – used in the beauty industry.

So, in keeping with the tone set by forward-thinking international and local brands, we chose to formulate skincare products that could be minimally packaged. 

While we swore to be kinder to the Earth, our journey has not been perfect.

In order to strike a balance between protecting the product during delivery, cost-effectiveness, and what packaging materials were available in the market, some tough decisions had to be made. 

One such decision was to use bubble wrap to pack bulk orders. However, we waited patiently for the day that the perfect alternative to bubble wrap would come along.

The COVID-19 pandemic made this need even greater, with the rise in the use of disposable face masks and gloves.

Then, at a seemingly perfect time, along came RanPak’s bubble wrap alternative – GEAMI WrapPak – which EcoNest is now exclusively distributing!

We are so excited that this packaging option has finally reached the Philippines.

Now, we feel like we are one step closer to being as environment-friendly as we possibly can, without having to compromise protecting our products.

View Saipo’s products that use EcoNestPH’s GEAMI WrapPak below!


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